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Individual/Family/Couple Therapy:

Initial Consultation       


(First Appointment)


Individual/Family Counseling   


(From the second session)


*Fee for the group therapy will vary.  

Please ask for detailed information.


Phone Consultation:

Minimal Phone Consultation or

Correspondence (15minutes)                   

No Charge


Extensive Phone consultation or

Correspondence more than 15 minutes    




Same Day Cancellation/Missed appointment    

$160.00/ hour


Other Fees:

Review of the Records (e.g. For court hearing)  



Visiting physician or psychiatrist with clients (e.g. For translation purposes)



Consultation with the third party (e.g. Physicians, Therapists, Lawyers, Family Members)

$160.00 per hour


Based on the information provided by your insurance company and your portion of the fee at the time of service is estimated to be deductible met/not met/unknown


Insurance may not reimburse for review of records, extensive phone consultation, visiting physician or psychiatrist or missed appointments. 


Our office accepts insurance from all companies.  The coverage will depend on if our office is a participating provider for your insurance company. 

In Network Insurance:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO

  • PHCS

  • Cigna


  • Other PPO Insurance Plans that cover Out-of-Network services.

 *Copay is required at the services rendered. 

Out-of-Network and Self-Pay Clients:

If you have insurance that is not listed above or do not have insurance coverage, full payment is required for the services rendered.  For Out-of-Network clients, Our office will provide the receipt so that you can submit it to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  Sliding-scale options may be available for clients.

Your Payment options: 


  • Major Credit Cards ( Visa, Master, American Express, Discover)

  • Cash

  • Check

*It is recommended that you ask your insurance company the following questions prior to your first visit to our office:


  • Is counseling covered by your insurance?

  • Find out if a counselor is in your network provider.

  • What is the coverage ratio if your provider is within or out-of-network?

  • What is your annual deductible?

  • How much is the co-pay?

  • Is there any co-insurance amount, and if so how much?

  • How many sessions are allowed per calendar year?

  • What type of counseling is covered? (such as individual, couples, family or group)

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